AICA: Adaptive Interfaces for Consumer Applications

AICA is a  Tekes project in the Ubicom programme for 1 November 2009 to 31 March 2012. AICA is a continuation to the PUPS project. The PUPS project was originally outlined as a four-year project; building on the results so far, we will in AICA focus on topics that have turned out to be the most promising and we will add some new aspects that have emerged and are worth further study.

Context-awareness and personalisation are key enablers for the ubiquitous computing vision. From the end user’s point of view, they are essential for managing the complexity of future services and applications. The goal of this project is to enable adaptive interfaces to information by combining context-awareness with personalisation and to perform user acceptance studies on a number of prototypes for ubicom consumer applications. We will continue working on our intelligent mobile shopping assistant Ma$$iv€. We will also work on new interaction methods (e.g., UbiLight, a prototype of a system using hand movement as an interactive spatial interaction method). We aim at ideas that could be commercialised in a few years’ time.

The research groups involved in the project cover a large spectrum of scientific and technical expertise and the project partners include different types of stakeholders: a retail chain, mobile technology providers, a teleoperator and representatives of diverse user groups. Project partners offer for the project also their own technology and expertise in addition to the financial support they provide for the project.

Our trial area is K-Citymarket Ruoholahti.


The main project research partners are:

The companies are:

Contact Person

Consortium Coordinator is Dr Patrik Floréen.

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