#DHH16 Helsinki Digital Humanities Hackathon 2016

Thu, 03.03.2016

This course aims to bring together students and researchers of humanities, social sciences and computer science, for a week of active co-operation in groups under the heading of Digital Humanities.

Digital Humanities, as understood here, is the use of computer science to aid research in the humanities and social sciences (e.g. in fields like linguistics, literature, art, culture, history, sociology, and language philosophy). Currently, data of interest to researchers in the humanities is increasingly available in digital form. However, often the tools and understanding needed to turn that data into relevant conclusions are still lacking.

Here, collaboration across disciplines is essential. People in the humanities and social sciences have an in-depth understanding of their field, and are able to pose challenging research questions that could in theory be answered by digital collections. Computer scientists on the other hand are needed to solve the complex theoretical, algorithm and tool development challenges that currently stand in the way of such research.

The idea of this hackathon is to offer students and researchers from different backgrounds an opportunity to approach digital humanities through hands-on practice.

#DHH16 is partially funded by HIIT ADA.

More information about #DHH16.


Contact person: Jukka Suomela, Aristides Gionis

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