HIIT Open programming contest 2016

Thu, 03.03.2016

Can you solve algorithmic programming challenges, efficiently and correctly, in practice, as a team, under time pressure?

  • open to everyone
  • for teams of up to 3 members
  • 5 hours time
  • about 10 algorithmic programming challenges to solve

The contest is open to everyone, including university students, high-school students, and teams from companies.

We will mostly follow the same rules as in the NCPC. In brief:

  • each team has 1–3 members
  • you can bring any written material with you, but no electronic material
  • you can only use the computers, programming environments, and online documentation provided by the organisers
  • there is only one computer per team
  • printing is possible
  • no internet access, no web browsing, no email, no chat, no mobile phones, etc.
  • At least C, C++, and Java will be supported.

About the event open.hiit.fi

Contact person: Jukka Suomela

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