GeoTopics Demo at WWW

Wed, 11.05.2016

Michael Mathioudakis attended the World Wide Web conference in Montreal to present a demonstration of the GeoTopics system. The system processes Foursquare check-ins for large cities around the world and distinguishes regions of different characteristics within them. For example, the system might discover that one region in a city host mainly professional activity and is active early during weekdays - while another region hosts mainly entrertainment and is active late on Saturdays.

GeoTopics is a joint effort with Géraud Le Falher, a PhD student at Inria, Lille (and ex-Aalto MSc) and Emre Çelikten, a Master's student at Aalto University.
To find out about the techniques used in the system, check the pre-print of the technical paper on arXiv.

Çelikten, E., Le Falher, G. and Mathioudakis, M., 2016, April. What Is the City but the People?: Exploring Urban Activity Using Social Web Traces. In Proceedings of the 25th International Conference Companion on World Wide Web (pp. 167-170).

Contact person: Michael Mathioudakis,

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