Space4U: Software Platform and Component Environment for yoU

Reconfiguration of a mobile device based on context is our contribution to the ITEA project Space4U. To enable reconfiguration we use the frameworks and mechanisms developed in the preceding project ROBOCOP and build only the needed extensions. Project ROBOCOP defined and implemented a middleware architecture especially suitable e.g. for mobile devices and PDAs.

The context information we are using for reconfiguration purposes is based on the information describing the current configuration of the ROBOCOP enabled device, user location, preferences etc.

The project is a joint effort of several European universities and companies. The research project at HIIT/BRU is a subcontract from Nokia Research Center.


Researchers at HIIT/BRU

Results, publications and presentations

We have developed an extension of the ROBOCOP middleware, based on a blackboard software architecture approach, for context-aware selection, download and exection of software components on resource constrained Symbain terminals. We have implemented two demonstrators.

Publications by the Adaptive Computing Research Group.


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