UIx news

  • CHI2011 workshop on Appropriation and Creative Use

    Tue, 07.12.2010

    UIx will co-organize a workshop at upcoming CHI2011 conference: "Appropriation and Creative Use: Linking User Studies with Design":

    Sunday 8 May 2011, Vancouver, Canada

    End users of technology have a significant power in determining how technologies are used, adapted and re-purposed. Over the years, two communities – designers and user researchers – have been working on these topics but have had limited interaction with each other. This workshop provides a forum for the two to meet.

  • 03.12.2010 Paper accepted to CSCW’11

    Fri, 03.12.2010


     I’ll press Play, but I won’t listen: Profile Work in a Music-focused Social Network Service, a full paper by Suvi Silfverberg, Lassi A. Liikkanen and Airi Lampinen was accepted to CSCW 2011 conference taking place in March 19–23, 2011, Hangzhou, China.

  • 28.9. Study: People hesitate to ask help from their community

    Wed, 29.09.2010

    People Hesitate to Ask for Help from Their Community, According to New Research


  • 18.06.2010 UIx paper accepted to DIS'10!

    Fri, 18.06.2010

    Paper from Liikkanen and Lahdensuo called Observing the Mobile Music Phenomenon: One in Seven Commuters is Wired will be presented at the Designing Information Systems 2010 conference. Paper has been prepared as a part of the Musiquitous project.

  • 25.4.2010 Prof. Brewster to give a talk on mobile multimodal interaction

    Mon, 24.05.2010

    25 May 10:00 Stephen Brewster:

    Please join us for an exciting session on the future of mobile human-computer interaction!

    Professor Stephen Brewster, University of Glasgow

    "Mobile Multimodal Interaction: How can we use human capabilities to improve mobile interfaces"

    Tuesday 25th May (next week!) at 10-11am

    Auditorium T1, Computer Science Building, Konemiehentie 2