UIx news

  • 6.10.2008 Talk on "Mobile Spatial Interaction" by Peter Froehlich

    Mon, 29.09.2008

    Date: Monday 6th of October, 2008
    Time: 12:00-12:30 + time for questions and F2F discussion

    Mobile Spatial Interaction: Advances and Future Challenges

  • 1.8.2008 Blueprint of our mobile usability lab published

    Sat, 13.09.2008

    For a couple of years now, UIx has been developing and using a state-of-the-art minicamera system. More and more research groups are considering builidng a system. The blueprints of the second generation system was accepted for publication in Journal of Usability Studies. Tuomo Nyyssönen from Aidem, and previously at Nokia Research Center, has been the lead engineer. For more information, see

  • 1.8.2008 Three Open Positions at Uix!

    Tue, 12.08.2008

    THE HELSINKI INSTITUTE FOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY HIIT, Finland, invites applications for three positions in the area of human-computer interaction:

    1. Computer Scientist / Application Programmer, Ubicomp Technologies for Energy Awareness
    2. Data Analyst / Visualizer, Ubiquitous Computing Applications
    3. Human-Computer Interaction Researcher, Mobile and Ubiquitous Technologies.

    At the Ubiquitous Interaction (UIx) group. Last date for applications 5th of September, 2008.

    See the full descriptions.

  • 29.7.2008 Two design papers accepted to journals

    Tue, 29.07.2008

    Building upon his previous Lassi A Liikkanen at TKK has during July gotten two papers accepted to prominent design journals, Design Studies and Journal of Engineering Design. The papers are currently in production and will be printed during 2008 - 2009.

  • 1.5.2008 Citywall paper honored as being part of the "Best of CHI 2008".

    Mon, 07.04.2008

    The CHI 2008 paper of uix "It's Mine, Don't Touch!": Interactions at a Large Multitouch Display.." is being honored as being part of the "Best of CHI". http://www.chi2008.org The SIGCHI “Best of CHI” program recognizes outstanding work in the field of human-computer interaction by selecting and honoring exceptional submissions. The Papers and Notes committees took part in this program, nominating up to 5% of their submissions as Award Nominees.