Digital Content Communities (DCC)

Digital Content Communities explores computing as part of the everyday life: the creation of in particular digital content and groups and communities using this data.

Our work focuses on three areas:

We are deeply engaged to build the future, and apply versatile methods, including in-the-wild, action research and design research. Similarly, we aim to interact with the society, in forms of policy consultation, public apperances and working with the industry. Our back is multi-diciplinary, including computer science, artistic research, and, social science.

Personal Data and Society

We support MyData ecosystem through research and development efforts in

  • empowering individuals to control their personal data and thus to manage their own lives and privacy both online and offline
  • enabling the conversion of data from closed silos to reusable resources
  • decentralizing the management of personal data

We help to renewing European data protection regime as we

  • produce scientific knowledge about privacy and data protection
  • make it easier for companies to comply with the legal requirements
  • help individuals to better understand their rights

    Augmenting participation

    We study environments to facilitate participation in events and spaces
    • development of Presemo and live participation practices
    • how performers integrate the audience input as part of the on-stage performance
    • challenges which emerge when mediated environments are brought to events
    We analyze augmented participation in cross-disciplinary collaboration together with social scientists
    • Digital-Media Influence Index measures how much the various digital footprints impact the media agenda
    • Automated Discourse Quality Index supports political scientists measuring deliberation by using computational text classification

      Smart Spaces

      T4Tags 2.0 is an open-ended toolkit for programming Web-connected and versatile tokens that embed different sensing technologies
      • attach the tokens to existing artifacts to create smart behaviors at home
      • share their programmed behaviors or take into use those created by others
      Spaceify is an open source client-edge-server ecosystem that integrates your physical space with the web
      • enable web apps controlled access to resources such as big screens, sensors and lighting in your space



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