IT services

HIIT IT services is currently migrating services to other parties and will be shut down at the end of 2017. The migration information can be found from migration wiki-page, that contains information about each service and what's going to happen to it.

information about IT services is located at

IT services' wiki space

so when acquiring information about HIIT's IT services, please visit there.

Contact information

HIIT ITS' helpdesk was shut down at 2017-06-19. Currently support requests should be made via

  • helpdesk at Helsinki dot FI and
  • servicedesk at aalto dot FI

Please use the support addresses instead of personal (first dot last at hiit dot fi) e-mail addresses. Done that way you can expedite things and avoid latencies during e.g. holiday seasons (yes, even we have holidays sometimes... ;)

Office hours

IT services' office hours are from 10 to 15 in normal work days during which time we are available. Due to meetings, etc. we're not guaranteed to be in the office or even close by. You can, however, call us (we all have mobile phones). Should you wish to make sure to meet someone of us, please contact that person and schedule a meeting.

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