Järvisalo to deliver IJCAI-16 Early Career Spotlight as one of the most active early career AI researchers in the world

Thu, 09.06.2016

Dr. Matti Järvisalo has been invited to deliver one of the Early Career Spotlight Talks at IJCAI-16, 22nd International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence taking place In New York City, USA, in July 2016. IJCAI is the prestigious number-one conference on artificial intelligence world-wide. The Early Career Spotlight Track at IJCAI-16 brings in---as some of the most active early career researchers in AI in the world---22 top talents in AI, most already holding professorships at world-leading research universities, as representatives of different modern branches of AI research to present on their individual research directions.

Quoting the official IJCAI-16 website

Since its inception in 1969, IJCAI took great pride in representing all aspects of AI research. Even now, with a myriad specialized conferences, IJCAI remains uniquely suited to give the attendees an integrated snapshot of the whole of AI enterprise. In keeping with this goal, we are excited to announce a special track of "Early Career Spotlight" talks. The talks are aimed at providing an accessible introduction to the research directions of some of the most active early career researchers in all representative areas of AI.
The talks are by invitation, based on nominations from the IJCAI program committee, and will run in parallel to the technical sessions. It is our great pleasure to introduce the stellar speakers giving the Early Career Spotlight tracks at this leap year IJCAI.
The full list of IJCAI-16 Early Career Spotlight presenters is available here.

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