Järvisalo to give invited talk at the Arg-LPNMR IJCAI-16 workshop

Fri, 10.06.2016

Dr. Matti Järvisalo will deliver an invited talk at the First International Workshop on Argumentation in Logic Programming and Non-Monotonic Reasoning (Arg-LPNMR 2016) co-located with IJCAI-16 in New York City, USA, in July 2016.

Quoting the Arg-LPNMR website:

Research on argumentation and an Artificial Intelligence (AI) began in full force in the early eighties. The initial efforts showed how argumentation results in a very natural way of conceptualizing commonsense reasoning, appropriately reflecting its defeasible nature. In the mid-nineties, Dung (1995) has shown that argumentation provides a useful perspective for relating different non-monotonic formalisms. Currently, argumentation has been applied in different subfields of AI like Multi-Agent Systems, Semantic Web, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, etc.

Argumentation has been revealed as a powerful conceptual tool for exploring the theoretical foundations of reasoning and interaction in autonomous systems and multiagent systems. Different dialogue models have been proposed based on the roots of argumentation. Indeed considering argumentation roots, the so called Agreement Technologies have been suggested in order to lead with the new requirement of interaction between autonomous systems and multiagent systems. 

The aim of the workshop is to bring researchers from all these fields together, to present and discuss joint work, and identify possible shared future directions of the community.



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