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Empower ubiquitous users with transparent and resourceful ICT.

Example Challenges:

Maximum User Performance in Mobile Interaction: Numerous factors limit the mobile user's ability to interact efficiently with a mobile device. We are interested in exposing these factors through controlled experimentation and developing interaction techniques and methods that improve user performance.

Engaging and Embodied Interaction Across Modalities: Developing techniques and interactive systems utilising implicit and explicit interaction to foster co-experience, learning, physical and creative activity. This research is carried out by coupling in-depth user studies with design in the area of novel interfaces.

Service design, Media Experience and Media Crowdsourcing : theories and methodologies for user-centered service design, understanding of critical elements of media experience (e.g. playfulness and co-experience) through user research, laboratory experiments, and explorative designs.  Media crowdsourcing: co-creativity in digital content creation, optimization of crowdsourcing tasks, creation of applications and games that utilise/produce metadata and media.

Analysing Actors and their Agencies in ICT environments, with special focus on infrastructures, use practices, stakeholders, business models, and other agencies shaping and affecting ICT technology. The goal of this analysis is to provide for socially sustainable design spaces, taking especially issues of privacy, societal tensions, values, and user involvement into account.

Virtual Economy and Empirical Law : to understand virtual value exchanges and to make a significant scientific and societal impact beyond virtual worlds on other services. Based on sound jurisprudential and empirical methods in co-operation with other disciplines make a significant scientific and societal impact on legal framework of ICT

Emotional-Social Interaction: To understand emotional and cognitive processess during ICT-mediated social interaction. This research is carried out by using neurophysiological recordings, for example.


Research Groups and Management

Recent Highlights

  • Best Paper Award  Directing Exploratory Search: Reinforcement Learning from User Interactions with Keywords. In ACM IUI 2013 Proceedings of the ACM international conference on Intelligent User Interfaces, March 19-22, 2013 Santa Monica.
  • The Presemo meeting participation system deployed by
  • MultiTouch Ltd originates from Network Society



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