Parsimonious Modelling

The research group Parsimonious Modelling of the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT operates on the Department of Information and Computer Science (ICS) of the Aalto University School of Science, in Finland. It is part of the Algorithmic Data Analysis (Algodan) Centre of Excellence, elected by the Academy of Finland.

The research group Parsimonious Modelling develops novel computational data analysis methods and applies these methods on two application fields: cancer genomics and environmental informatics. Parsimonious modeling aims at simple, compact, or sparse models as a result of learning from data in the presence of very little or no a priori information about the modeled problem. Simplicity of the models facilitates understanding of the problem domain by humans.

Both application fields present similar challenges to the data analysis problems: the high dimensionality of observed data and the presence of moderate or large noise levels are both factors that bear fundamental problems for any data analysis. Seeking new areas of application and interfacing the newest application domains with lots of novel types of generated data helps in finding new, unsolved settings of problems.

Group members:

Contributed open-source software:

  • BernoulliMix — a program package of finite mixture models of multivariate Bernoulli distributions
  • dplR — Dendrochronology Program Library in R

Active Participation in Conference Organization

  • The Eleventh International Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis (IDA 2012) in Helsinki, Finland
  • The Tenth International Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis (IDA 2011) in Porto, Portugal
  • The Fourteenth International Conference on Discovery Science (DS 2011) in Espoo, Finland

Former personnel and visitors:

Selected publications:

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