S3 = Screen x Space x Social activity

Keywords: public display, big screens, multi-touch, S3D, cinema gaming, pervasive gaming

S3 is funded by Tekes Tila-program

Research goals:

The project S3 has as its goal to bridge and interlink physical and virtual spaces with innovative digital media services and novel interaction technologies. The S3 project develops the concept of ubiquitous space media that fosters social activity and rich interaction using large-scale digital displays in connection with physical spaces.

Research statement:

Our aim is to build, test and evaluate service prototypes in business-viable contexts, including cinema theatres, exhibitions and festivals. We will also propose tools and processes of ubiquitous space media production. The project results can be utilized broadly in designing ubiquitous space media concepts for entertainment and other engaging media experiences.

Research partners:

HIIT Digital Content Communities -research group

HIIT Ubiquitous Interaction -research group

University of Arts and Design Helsinki, School of Motion Picture, Television and Production Design

Company partners:


Nokia Siemens Networks



Fullsteam Agency



Prof. Marko Turpeinen

Prof. Mika Ritalahti

Prof. Giulio Jaccuci

Dr. Céline Coutrix

Kai Kuikkaniemi (project manager)

Anna Heiskanen

Toni Laitinen

Ivan Avdouevski


Kai Kuikkaniemi


+358 50 543 9283

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