Social Interaction and Emotion (SIE)

From brain function to social interaction

The mission of SIE is to increase our understanding of ICT-mediated social interaction. Our studies focus on: (a) emotional and cognitive processes during mediated social interaction, including mediated touch, interaction with virtual humans, and knowledge work, (b) the neuroscience of social ICT, (c) socially-mediated behavioral phenomena in SNSs, (d) the use of gamification to support the adoption of healthier lifestyles, and (e) user experience of ICT.


We use a wide methodological approach, from surveys and qualitative methods to neurophysiological recordings (e.g., EEG), to study users in the laboratory as well as in real-life contexts. By providing both fundamental and applied insight into social interaction, we help to create ICT and services that take the human social and emotional processes into account.







PhD candidates:

  • Alessio Falco, M.Soc.Sci.
  • Ville Harjunen, M.Soc.Sci.
  • Johanna Nurmi-Kettunen, M.Soc.Sci.
  • Eeva Raita, M.Soc.Sci.
  • Suvi Silfverberg, M.Soc.Sci.


  • Airi Lampinen, Ph.D (Social Psychology)
  • Vilma Lehtinen, Ph.D (Social Psychology)
  • Sameer Patil, Ph.D. (Computer and Information Sciences)



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