Scientific Advisory Board Meeting 15.-17.11.2004

A discussion concerning the strategic development of HIIT is under way. The objective is to merge the two units Advanced Research Unit (ARU) and Basic Research Unit (BRU).

We have set up this website for you. Here you can find the documents, as well as the publications cited in the overview document, and the HIIT Annual Report 2003.

We wish SAB to give its opinion on the potential of the different research groups and to give suggestions on developing our research agenda.

If you have not already done so, please inform Inka Kujala (formerly Inka Oksanen) inka.kujala(a) about your travel arrangements.

Looking forward to meeting you in Helsinki!

Martti Mäntylä and Esko Ukkonen


Agenda for 04 meeting >>

Overview of HIIT research >>

Publications >>

Hiit annual report 2003 >>

HIIT srategy draft >>

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